Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pin-up girl and a heads up!

Urgh, so busy, let's see, I'm starting a new job (hired on as a studio assistant for a very successful british photo-realist oil painter), I'm finishing up a huge freelance contract, probably starting a new one next week, and doing some more pro-bono work for WMNF's Grand National Championships!

*Whew* Amidst all of this, I haven't had nearly enough time to do any drawing for myself, so this pin up girl was a way of remedying that. She's an older sketchbook drawing I always liked, so I figured I'd just take a couple of hours and see where it got me.  Dunno how to feel about the graphic elements, but I think they work mostly.  I'll see about doing more sketchbook stuff later on, though it might be awhile!

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