Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ale Label!

Here's another beer label I did. I just wanted to do something that would allow me to do pixels again, since I haven't had the time to do any in some time. I had a lot of fun, but I'll probably revise and re-upload after my professor gives me a critique.

God of Fuel

Another thesis artwork, this is the God of Fuel, I thought it was rather witty to tie a T-Rex skeleton to a hamster wheel to power a city personally. It was a simple enough concept, but those vertebrae were a pain to do in illustrator.

Goddess of Beauty

It has been all together too long since I updated this thing, but thesis has prevented me doing anything more than, well, thesis. I'm going to upload a few things in quick succession though!

This is the finished Goddess of Beauty. Easily the toughest, most time consuming piece I've ever done in Adobe Illustrator. But I am genuinely happy with the end result, so it ended well!