Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Screenshots from "Airship Game" project!

These are a series of screenshots from a small project I'm working on. It's two things, one, its a way for me to make pixel art in a goal oriented environment, and two, its kind of my pipe dream project. This is the game I would make if I didn't have to worry about money, exposure, or anything like that.

So in this game, the worlds are procedurally generated. In other words, random ,with just enough rules to make it make sense. You fly around in your airship, and colonize floating islands while harvesting resources, paying homage to ancient gods, and deal with the various horrors that occasionally come up from the depths through currents.

The eventual idea is that the enemies have routines. Some get hungry and snack on smaller ones, others might be interested in stealing your resources, or eating your settlers. None are specifically going after you just because they can, they have some basic logic. In other words, do something like build too close to an anthill, and the ants will start going after your settlements.

The other idea is that your basically confined to relatively small maps, and that you are trying to turn these things into stable colonies as soon as possible, to move onto later maps, with greater challenges and rewards.

These screenshots show most of the art assets in game, all drawn by me, on my laptop, with a mouse. The biggest ones (not counting the cloudy backgrounds) are only maybe 100x100 pixels.

Like I said, pipe dream project, but I think thats the fun part, if it never gets finished, its not a huge problem, but at the moment, if I could complete any project with no worry of money or recognition, just do what I wanted to, this would be it.

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