Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goddess of Beauty (Color Studies, Rough sketch)

These are 2 color studies for my 2nd thesis piece. I know I haven't gotten around to uploading my first thesis piece, but that's because it's a painting and it's pretty big. In any case, my thesis is to make a modern pantheon of god's, the first one was war, this one is beauty, or perhaps more accurately, the pursuit of beauty. The sketch itself isn't quite finished, I have to draw all the relfections of the mirrors at the top, as well as draw all the discarded body parts that are piled around her.

But she (the female figure) is finished! And not to get cocky, but I'm pretty happy with her. I didn't get to shoot reference of someone posed that way (for...well, obvious reasons) but I was able to take about a dozen different stock photo's and use them to get her. The chair/surgeon is also mostly done, though I may reposition some of the arms.

So that's one finished thesis painting that I still haven't posted, and one that I have an almost finished sketch. Only 4 more finished pieces to go.

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